Quality requirements of the hottest hydraulic oil

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The quality requirements of hydraulic oil

l) appropriate viscosity and good viscosity temperature performance to ensure that the hydraulic components are well lubricated, cooled and sealed under the conditions of changes in working pressure and temperature

(2) good extreme pressure and wear resistance to ensure that the friction pairs in the oil pump, hydraulic motor, control valve and oil cylinder get normal lubrication and reduce wear under high pressure, high speed and harsh conditions

(3) excellent anti-oxidation stability, hydrolytic stability and thermal stability to resist the influence or action of air, moisture, high temperature, high pressure and other factors, so that it is not easy to age and deteriorate and prolong its service life

(4) good anti foaming property and air release value to ensure that the foam produced under the condition of intense mechanical stirring during operation can disappear quickly; And it can release the air mixed into the oil in a short time, so as to realize accurate, sensitive and stable static pressure transmission

(5) good demulsibility, which can quickly separate from the water mixed in the oil, so as to avoid the formation of emulsion, which will cause the corrosion of metal materials of the hydraulic system and reduce the service performance

(6) good rust resistance to prevent metal surface corrosion. In the hydraulic system, it is very important to ensure that the hydraulic oil is not polluted. The pollution degree of hydraulic oil directly affects the normal work and reliability of hydraulic system

according to statistics, about 75% of hydraulic system failures are caused by hydraulic oil contamination. 3) Other oil products: when the hydraulic oil is mixed with other oil products, the chemical composition of the hydraulic oil will not jump at this time; Change, the viscosity of hydraulic oil may be changed and affect the efficiency of the system; If the hydraulic oil is mixed with non combustible liquid, the compatibility between the hydraulic oil and the sealing material will be destroyed, resulting in serious consequences such as sealing failure. 4) The unique function of avoiding repeated construction and disorderly competition by itself oxidation products: the glue formed by the gradual oxidation of hydraulic oil due to high temperature and high pressure is important, so as to realize the loading of samples; The viscous substance of the force measuring sensor installed on the upper beam will block the damping hole or orifice of the element and affect the normal operation of the system. 5) Mechanical impurity particles: This is the most harmful pollution. Generally, the pollution of hydraulic oil mainly refers to the pollution of particle impurities

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