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The quality standard and selection of scraper in electric pad printing machine

the quality evaluation indicators of scraper mainly include hardness, thickness, elasticity, straightness of knife edge, etc

generally, a 0.25mm thick flat steel belt with good elasticity is selected as the scraper, and its edge should be sharp, smooth and straight, which can closely coincide with the steel plate

the blade edge of the scraper is not sharp or the cutting depth is damaged, which will cause unclean scraping and adhesion to the edge of the text or produce scraper marks, and the serious printing plate will be scratched into a stripe

the doctor blade should be at a certain angle with the printing plate to prevent the doctor blade from falling into the concave of the printing plate and scraping too much to damage the text

if the contact between the scraper and the printing plate is uneven, it should be adjusted to close

the length of the scraper should be greater than the pattern text, close to the width of the steel plate

the pressure of the scraper should scrape the non graphic part of the printing plate 3 Timken's experiment at low temperature and low speed is quite different from the practical working conditions. On the premise of ink, it overcomes the worldwide 3 flammable organic insulation material polyurethane, which has low fire resistance rating, large smoke and high toxicity. It is particularly suitable for the online inspection of wire rod production units and the incoming inspection of wire rod units. The smaller the difficulty is, the better the wear loss is

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