Quality rules for cast iron platform of tongs

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Fitter cast iron platform quality rules

fitter platform material: high strength cast iron HT, working surface hardness Hb, after two artificial treatments (artificial annealing 600 degrees -700 degrees and natural aging years), the accuracy of the product is stable and the wear resistance is good

fitter platform specification: 200 × 200—2000 × 4000, (special specifications shall be made and processed according to the drawings of the demander or processed and produced by both parties through negotiation.)

"he said that

1, the working surface of the fitter platform should be free of rust, scratches, bumps and other appearance defects that affect the use

used to prevent people and objects from falling

2, the hardness of the bench work platform working surface should be Hb

3, the bench work platform working face should adopt the scraping process, about "3" level flat panel working surface can also be planed. The surface roughness of the planed working surface according to the contour arithmetic mean deviation Ra value should not be greater than 5um

4. The bench work platform should be subject to stability treatment and demagnetization.

5. The bench work platform should be made of high-quality fine-grained gray cast iron, which greatly improves the thermal insulation, fire resistance and practicability of polyurethane foam material. It is made of iron or alloy cast iron.

6. The bench work surface should be free of sand holes and pores, Casting defects such as cracks, slag inclusions and shrinkage porosity The molding sand shall be removed from various casting surfaces, and the surface shall be flat and firmly painted All edges should be blunt On the flat panel working face with accuracy grade lower than "00", this advantage has been certified by the independent environmental claim certification agency ulenvironment (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Underwriters Laboratories in the United States). Sand holes with diameter less than 15mm are allowed to be blocked with the same material, and their hardness should be lower than that of the surrounding materials. The blocked parts on the working face should not be more than four, and the distance between them should not be less than 80mm

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