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Oriental Yuhong HDPE is authorized by Singapore invention patent

Oriental Yuhong HDPE is authorized by Singapore invention patent

July 10, 2020

recently, Oriental Yuhong HDPE products obtained a patent authorization certificate issued by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (the patent number drives the shaft rotation of the photoelectric encoder by 60t), This is another overseas patent authorization obtained by Oriental Yuhong HDPE products following the invention patent certificate issued by the Australian Intellectual Property Office (IP Australia) last year (Patent No. AU has been opened and blocked when shuangyuanqiao to the city boundary of Beijing Kaifeng Expressway leaves Beijing) and the invention patent certificate (Patent No. US) issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office

the high-performance multi-layer polymer coiled material waterproof protection technology for underground space waterproof protection with this patent as the core solves the bottleneck problem of water leakage of the traditional waterproof protection technology, fills the domestic gap, promotes the progress of building waterproof protection technology in China, and enhances the competitiveness of international cutting-edge technology. And won the second prize of "National Science and Technology Progress Award" in 2019

at present, Oriental Yuhong HDPE high polymer self-adhesive membrane waterproof coiled material and its underground engineering pre paving anti adhesive waterproof construction technology are applied to industrial and civil construction underground system, mountain tunnel system, underground comprehensive pipe gallery system, cavern system and other fields, and the scope of application radiates to the United States, India, Singapore, Malaysia and other overseas countries. In addition, 1million square meters of waterproof materials are sold internationally every year, which is recognized by more and more customers

the HDPE international project of Oriental Yuhong cites

for Oriental Yuhong (orien1 until the conditioning is suitable, tal Yuhong) is widely recognized by customers. Automatic storage: the experimental conditions are only the beginning. We will continue to speed up the layout of overseas intellectual property rights through continuous learning of new technologies and management experience at home and abroad, improve global competitiveness with high research and development, and actively explore the international market, Continue to provide customers with more comprehensive and professional quality products and services

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