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Dongfang Jinggong focuses on the corrugated paper packaging industry, and the boom continues to improve.

Dongfang Jinggong (002611), a listed company of a shares, has been focusing on the corrugated paper packaging industry, and its corrugated box printing equipment is closely related to the development of the downstream paper packaging industry. In recent years, whether traditional consumer goods or emerging consumer goods, consumption upgrading has become the only concept that can be seen clearly in the unclear market, and has also been popular with institutional investors. The packaging of consumer goods has also become a part of consumption upgrading that has to be upgraded. Because paper packaging has the characteristics of low cost, light weight, easy processing, recyclable and degradable, in recent years, paper packaging has occupied a leading position in the four packaging materials (paper packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging and metal packaging). In 2012, the total output value of paper packaging actually accounted for 39%, 8 percentage points higher than the second ranked plastic packaging

compared with metal, plastic, glass and wood packaging products, corrugated boxes, as the most important paper packaging products, have less waste in recent years and are easy to decompose and recycle. Besides, all corrugated boxes are printed with non-toxic and easy to decompose environmental friendly water-based ink, which is recognized as a green packaging product. From the perspective of economy, corrugated box packaging products account for a relatively low proportion of the total cost of products, and the sources of raw materials are also the most extensive. It is convenient for logistics and handling, and has good physical and mechanical properties. It is one of the most extensive packaging forms when hydraulic oil is affected by external forces in modern commerce and trade. In the future, environmental protection and economy will also make the demand for corrugated boxes more vigorous. As a green packaging and economic packaging, corrugated box has a good substitution effect for other packaging products, and its scope of use is becoming wider and wider, which is the development direction of the packaging industry

although the downstream corrugated boxes have also been affected by the economic cycle on the whole, they still maintain a rapid growth rate (especially in China). In the long run, with the gradual improvement of China's medical and social security and the gradual improvement of residents' income level, consumption upgrading has just begun, and the pace will only get faster and faster under the background of light GDP and heavy people's livelihood. From the perspective of per capita packaging consumption level and per capita corrugated box consumption in China, the domestic packaging industry is below the world average level, even lower than India, which is also an emerging economy. Therefore, with the deepening of consumption upgrading, the packaging industry and corrugated box packaging still have very good development prospects in China. It has the characteristics of stable industrial chain and less affected by economic cycle fluctuations. It can be judged that the prosperity of the industry will continue to improve. As a leader among the local corrugated box printing equipment manufacturers who plan to reduce the annual output of hydrofluorocarbon materials with high global warming potential by 50% by 2020, Dongfang Seiko will achieve steady growth with the development of the industry

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