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Oriental paper vigorously entered the field of household paper

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packaging, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Oriental paper") listed on the New York Stock Exchange, acquired Hebei Tengsheng Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tengsheng paper"), a well-known northern household paper manufacturing enterprise, on June 25, and vigorously entered the field of household paper

as a leading large paper-making enterprise in North China, Oriental paper's main business areas include packaging paper (corrugated base paper), offset paper, digital photo paper and household paper. Among them, the land ownership right of the household paper production line plant - the installation of samples is convenient and directly owned by Tengsheng paper. The acquisition of Tengsheng paper will obtain the land use right of the household paper production line plant of Tengsheng paper. After having the land ownership, it will not only provide a stable rear production base for Oriental paper, but also greatly reduce the annual site use cost of Oriental paper. For many traditional enterprises, the site cost is an important expenditure of enterprises. The acquisition of Oriental paper will not only reduce the site use cost, but also improve the gross profit margin of products. The increase of gross profit margin enables enterprises to have more initiative in market competition, and product pricing is more flexible, so that they have a stronger competitiveness in the paper industry

entering the field of household paper is also affected by the surrounding environment. It is not simple and blind market expansion, but the management of Oriental paper has a deep understanding of the broad market and huge potential in the field of household paper, which is a market strategic layout conducive to the company's future business performance. As a rigid consumer product, household paper is the fastest-growing paper in China's paper industry. In 2017, the market scale expanded to 110.6 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 11.8%. With the growth of national population and GDP, the improvement of people's quality of life and the upgrading of consumption, the consumption space of household paper will continue to expand at a high speed. According to the research, the scale of household paper industry will be close to 300billion in 2030. At this time, Tengsheng polymer is designed for high-resolution 3D printing by using digital optical processing, which eliminates the process technology of data recording and data computing. The acquisition of paper industry undoubtedly adds new impetus to the business expansion of Oriental paper industry, and helps Oriental paper industry occupy a higher market share in the trend of rapid development of household paper

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