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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week Shanghai Branch Camp exploration: artificial intelligence is a highlight of the exhibition original title: innovation and Entrepreneurship Week Shanghai Branch Camp exploration: artificial intelligence is a highlight of the exhibition figure: Shanghai Branch theme exhibition Xinmin Evening News photographed by Yang Shuo

2018 national mass entrepreneurship and innovation week will begin tomorrow, The theme of this year's activity week is "high-level mass entrepreneurship and innovation, high-quality launch of substantive joint protection action development", with the main venue in Chengdu and the venue in Beijing. During the activity week, the Shanghai Branch will also carry out a series of activities such as the launching ceremony and theme exhibition, and come to the scene in advance this morning to have a look

the theme exhibition of the Shanghai Branch venue is located on the first floor of Baowu group's Internet Baodi D building, with a display area of about 1600 square meters and a total number of about 78 exhibitors. It focuses on the city's excellent science and technology entrepreneurship projects, youth entrepreneurship projects, student mass entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship projects, maker projects, as well as Yangpu District, Xuhui District, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University of science and technology, Institute of Microsystems of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Baowu group and other representative projects of 7 national innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases

even though all the exhibits have not yet been "on the table", the products on display today are full of attractions. Among them, artificial intelligence is a highlight of the centralized display at the Shanghai Branch. Two years ago, the man-machine war between Li Shishi and alpha dog attracted the attention of the world, and raised people's attention to artificial intelligence by a large margin. In this year's mass entrepreneurship and innovation week, an intelligent chessboard with sensing devices was also brought to the scene by entrepreneurs to meet their requirements. We saw at the scene that the designer has installed corresponding chip sensing devices on the chessboard and the pieces. Through chip sensing, people can realize the game with AI players on a physical chessboard. According to the on-site staff, the chessboard is connected to the server and client wirelessly. Under normal network conditions, the remote opponent or AI can be reflected on the chessboard through the sign light within 1 second

"through the intelligent chessboard, children learning chess can not only achieve the effect of green eye protection, but also achieve AI assisted chess score analysis, which is also of great benefit to the improvement of chess skills." The staff member said

illustration: railway track high-speed intelligent inspection system photographed by Yang Shuo of Xinmin Evening News

from black and white chessmen to railway track detection, artificial intelligence is everywhere. A company called "Xintie technology" also "moved" their railway track high-speed intelligent inspection system to the scene. As long as their intelligent devices are put on the track for a "walk", the railway department can quickly, timely and accurately understand the real-time situation of the line. In this way, the efficiency of on-site inspection of high-speed rail and track can be greatly improved by using computer machine vision technology and independently developed AI intelligent recognition algorithm

a shared electric bicycle produced by the Singapore R & D team also attracted many spectators. This product, which is no different from ordinary bicycle in shape, is strong in its core. According to the staff, the bike is loaded with stronger battery equipment as indicated in the report. "Unlike lithium batteries, we use batteries that are more environmentally friendly, have a longer life and charge faster. It takes only 7 minutes for each car to be fully charged, but it can run more than 20 kilometers. Each car's battery can be charged 50000 times." The staff member said that this shared electric bicycle launched for the public sector has been put into trial use in many countries

the 2018 national mass entrepreneurship and innovation week will be held from October 9 to 15. It is reported that there will be more latest innovative products to meet the audience at that time. It is worth mentioning that at the launching ceremony of the scaffold fastener safety testing machine tomorrow, the main venue in Chengdu will be connected to six sub venues in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Wuhan and Xi'an in real time to broadcast the live situation of the city's mass entrepreneurship and innovation Week activities synchronously. The Shanghai Branch venue plans to conduct online interaction with the main venue in the form of team display and interactive demonstration of the "Asian intelligent hardware competition"

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