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Inno group, a high-performance film manufacturer, will open a new factory next week, which will mainly manufacture the polymer substrate of the new five pound plastic note. Innovia security, as a department of the group, will officially start operation on September 7

the investment in the new factory is 40million pounds

local parliamentarians, Rory Stewart, Minister of international development, UK CEO Mark Robertshaw, Innovia security, department general manager Bernhard Imbach and relevant important figures in the local film industry will jointly attend the opening ceremony of the factory

the new 5 pound plastic banknote is printed with the portrait of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The signer asked the relevant departments to take measures, and also printed with the content of Winston Churchill's speech to the British Parliament as wartime prime minister on May 13, 1940, "all I can offer is blood, toil, sweat and tears". It will be officially circulated on September 13

in addition, Innolux will also produce a new 10 pound plastic banknote, which will be available to the public next autumn

Innolux said that since the company first introduced plastic banknotes in Australia in 1988, 99.9% of the global polymer banknotes have been produced by it

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