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With the coordinated development of automobile electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing, the traditional automobile industry pattern centered on vehicle enterprises and led by large-scale production and large-scale sales mode is moving towards a new industrial pattern centered on meeting personalized consumption and travel services. Traditional automobile enterprises are still the important foundation of the automobile industry, but their strategic positioning in the new pattern needs to be adjusted adaptively. In the process of changing the old and new pattern, the government should play a strategic, forward-looking and guiding role

with the development of Internet and new energy vehicle technology, the technological revolution characterized by electrification, digitalization, networking and intelligence, combined with the innovation of business model characterized by platform and sharing, is significantly changing the mode of production, sales and use of vehicles, and the pattern of the automotive industry, which has lasted for a century, is facing great changes

sharing, electrification and digitalization are the driving factors for the changes in the pattern of the automotive industry.

first, consumers have shifted from buying cars to paying more attention to purchasing travel services. The platform economy and shared travel represented by didi and Uber have significantly changed the consumption concept. The new generation of consumers have gradually formed the habit of "purchasing travel services", and their desire to buy Automotive products themselves is getting lower and lower. From the perspective of development trend, consumers will have a stronger tendency to purchase travel services instead of cars, and their awareness of car travel service brands will also be stronger. This trend will inevitably weaken the ability of traditional vehicle enterprises to control the market through automobile product brands

second, electrification and modularization will change the traditional division of labor mode of automobile production, and the form of industrial organization will change significantly. With the electrification of automobiles, the main components such as traditional fuel engines and transmissions have been replaced by components such as energy storage batteries, motors and vehicle chargers. Battery manufacturers are gaining an independent market position by mastering the design and product standards of power batteries and promoting product standardization, generalization and modularization, which will significantly change the organizational form of vertical division of labor and significantly reduce the entry threshold in the field of complete vehicles

third, digitalization, networking and Taiping will change the traditional process of the automotive industry. The core of digital transformation is to enable the automotive industry to obtain unprecedented process innovation capability under the new "physical layer, digital layer, platform layer" framework system with the help of digital virtualization and simulation, network data and information integration, platform data analysis and real-time decision-making

a new industrial pattern centered on meeting personalized consumption and travel services will gradually take shape

compared with the traditional industrial pattern, the new pattern of the future automotive industry has three new characteristics

first, new industrial entities, including independent automobile design companies, independent modular suppliers, non brand OEM factories, hardware management operators, travel service operators, will gradually appear, expanding the diversity and complexity of industrial organizations

second, the chain industrial structure formed by the vertical division of labor in the industry has changed to the network industrial structure formed by the horizontal division of labor. At the same time, the "physical layer" mainly focusing on the design, production, sales, use and maintenance of automotive products has developed to include the "digital layer" which maps with the "physical layer" and the "platform layer" which integrates functions based on data integration, and finally forms the physical information system (CPS) of the automotive industry

third, with the successful holding of the second meeting of the equipment group of the Sino Russian Industrial Commission in the automotive industry, the deepening of digitalization, the hardware and software service platform with network and data integration capabilities will become the "rule setter, process manager and value distributor" of the industry, and the "platform layer" centered on numbers will gradually gain a dominant position over the "physical layer" centered on products

travel services and hardware can be expanded through the computer motherboard to complete the management and operation platform. It will become the promoter of the formation of the new industrial pattern

travel services and operation platform, which is the first new industrial subject to respond to the demand side changes of the automotive industry. From the perspective of development logic, the new travel service operation platform is the "transformation and upgrading version" of the traditional public transport service platform. Its driving force is the new generation of information technology such as mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing and the upgrading of consumers' demand for better travel service experience. From the perspective of internal mechanism, the travel service platform brings together the most important travel big data of consumers by matching the bilateral market effect and cluster effect of travel demand and supply, and turns the accumulated and real-time travel data into the driving resources of the platform's intelligent services, so as to gradually improve the matching efficiency of travel service demand and supply. From the perspective of development trend, a single travel service platform will gradually differentiate in terms of territory, groups, light and heavy assets, forming a multi platform coexistence mode. From the perspective of changes in the pattern of the automobile industry, the travel service operation platform is the main carrier for the transition of the automobile industry from mining production efficiency to mining automobile use and service efficiency, and it is one of the driving forces for the formation of the new pattern of the automobile industry

hardware management operators are new industrial entities that will emerge after the travel service platform. In terms of business model, Auto hardware management operators mainly buy cars in bulk from vehicle manufacturers, or customize cars in bulk from non brand OEM factories, and hold and manage the ownership of cars throughout their life cycle, so as to provide long-term rental services for individual consumers and vehicle rental services for travel service operation platforms. From the perspective of business nature, the essence of automotive hardware management operators is a financial company that provides financial leasing services and operates by relying on the rental return of the whole life cycle of vehicles; From the perspective of internal logic, with the help of the upcoming autonomous driving technology and the new generation of information technology such as sensors, car couplets and cloud platforms, automobile hardware management operators can carry out large-scale and large-scale remote monitoring, maintenance and charging management of their vehicles, and the marginal cost of automobile full life cycle operation and maintenance management will be greatly reduced. At the same time, because they own the ownership and management rights of cars, hardware management operators can legally collect and analyze the status data of cars without involving consumer privacy data (consumers' driving routes, parking places, number of people on board, etc.), and feed back to the relevant auto parts companies, design companies and manufacturing enterprises, so as to continuously optimize the customized production of the auto industry. From the perspective of the new pattern of the automotive industry, automotive hardware management operators will become the basic platform in the future industrial structure because they connect multiple entities in automotive manufacturing and services

the positioning of traditional vehicle and parts enterprises in the new pattern needs strategic adjustment

under the new industrial pattern, the traditional vehicle production enterprises are undoubtedly facing the greatest challenge. Some vehicle enterprises, due to their strong brand influence and personalized customization ability, will mainly sell branded and customized automotive products to high-end consumer groups; Another part of vehicle enterprises will degenerate into non brand automobile manufacturers, focusing on OEM production and large-scale customized production for hardware management operators; Another part of vehicle enterprises, relying on their own design and customized manufacturing capabilities, incubate independent long-term or time-sharing car rental businesses, and further differentiate and transform into independent vehicle hardware management operators or travel service operators at the right time. From the perspective of development trend, vehicle enterprises need to carry out digital transformation and production mode upgrading, and use a more flexible and intelligent large-scale customized production system to meet the changing needs of products and travel services

under the new industrial pattern, parts suppliers are also facing the problem of transformation. On the one hand, parts suppliers should deal with the challenges of electrification, lightweight and intellectualization of automotive products and carry out their own product transformation; On the other hand, parts suppliers should reposition in the networked industrial organization, or continue to survive in the preserved vertical supporting system, or upgrade to an independent modular supplier, or form a strategic cooperation with non brand OEM and hardware management operators to become a product technology contractor for vehicle use and maintenance

with the gradual formation of the new pattern, some automotive aftermarket service providers will also slowly transform, such as automobile sales, maintenance, charging services and other enterprises will also transform into hardware management operators or carry out strategic cooperation with them according to their own advantages. When the vertical division of labor system is gradually broken, the industrial focus shifts from manufacturing to service, and a large number of platform companies rise, the entry barriers of the automotive industry will be significantly reduced, and new enterprises will appear a "surge" phenomenon. Some emerging entities from the Internet field, such as Internet car enterprises (Tesla, velai automobile, etc.) and travel service platform enterprises (Didi, evcard, etc.) will seize the opportunity to enter the new industrial system, and join hands with the traditional automobile enterprise oil pollution alarm industry to jointly shape a new industrial pattern

the government should play a forward-looking guiding role

in the process of changing the old and new pattern, the government should play a strategic and forward-looking guiding role

first, from a strategic perspective, we should consider the impact of future travel changes on the automotive value chain, industrial chain and innovation chain, put the changes in the pattern of the automotive industry under the background of the travel revolution, energy revolution, new urbanization and digital economy, and organize relevant institutions, experts and scholars across industries and fields to conduct forward-looking, trendy and situational research on the medium and long-term pattern changes of the automotive industry, Accurately grasp the internal laws and external driving factors of the changes in the pattern of the automotive industry, and create a theoretical basis for the formulation of relevant strategies, plans and policies

second, in terms of industrial management system reform and industrial policy innovation, we should conform to the trend development of the automotive industry pattern. In terms of management, we should relax industry and market access; In terms of industrial policies, we should encourage and support innovation, focus on the construction and development of new industrial platforms, stimulate the enthusiasm of more innovation subjects, and promote the formation of an industrial ecosystem for future intelligent travel. In terms of the transformation of the main body of the traditional automobile industry, we should consider formulating special supporting policies; In the design of the reform of automobile state-owned enterprises, we should give play to the "stabilizer" role of state-owned enterprises in the adjustment of employment structure

third, we should comply with the changes of business model under the new industrial pattern, change from the consistency supervision of automotive products to the consistency supervision of products and services, change from the management of traditional automotive enterprises to the management of automotive enterprises and platforms, explore a new mode of consistency supervision of automotive products and services with the help of hardware and service platforms, and pay attention to the management of the ownership and use right of data assets in the automotive industry

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