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Application of slotting and slotting machine


machining of grooves and holes by reciprocating linear motion of the slotting knife relative to the workpiece in the vertical direction. The working mode of slotting is similar to planing, but the slotting tool is clamped on the tool bar at the lower part of the ram of the slotting machine, which can extend into the hole of the workpiece for vertical reciprocating motion. Downward is the working stroke, and upward is the return stroke. With the continuous improvement of the government and the public on environmental protection requirements, the piano lacquerer installed on the slotting table makes intermittent feeding movement after each return trip of the slotting knife. The cutting tool is mainly made of high-speed steel, and the cutting speed is generally 15 ~ 25m/min when cutting steel and cast iron. In order to avoid severe friction between the cutter face and the workpiece during the return journey, which will damage the machined surface and reduce the service life of the cutter, a movable cutter inserting rod can be used. The efficiency and accuracy of slotting are not high, so milling or broaching is often used to replace slotting in mass production. However, the manufacturing of slotting cutter is simple and the production preparation time is short, so slotting is suitable for machining inner hole keyway or spline hole in single piece or small batch production, as well as square hole and polygon hole. Slotting is almost the only processing method for the keyway of the inner hole that is not through the hole or hinders the shoulder

slotting machine

use the vertical reciprocating motion of the slotting knife to cut the keyway and the hole with good machine coloring. Slotting machines are generally used for slotting single piece and small batch workpieces, including ordinary slotting machines, keyway slotting machines, gantry slotting machines and mobile slotting machines. The ram of the ordinary slotting machine with the tool holder reciprocates up and down. From imitation to independent renovation, it is always the main movement of the development process of dissatisfaction. The circular worktable with workpiece can use the upper and lower sliding seats to make longitudinal, transverse and rotary feed movements. The worktable of the keyway slotting machine is connected with the bed, and the workpiece is installed on the worktable. The cutter bar protruding upward from the bed through the workpiece hole, with the knife inserted, makes the main movement of up and down, while making intermittent feeding movement. Its feature is that the installation of workpieces is not limited by columns like that of ordinary slotting machines, so it is suitable for machining keyways in the holes of large parts (such as propellers)

Figure 3 ordinary slotting machine


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