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Innovation driven to promote the construction of an industrial power with the will of the country

the central economic work conference stressed that we should vigorously adjust the industrial structure. We should focus on resolving overcapacity and implementing innovation driven development. We should organically combine making the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources with giving better play to the role of the government, and adhere to the survival of the fittest through market competition. Vigorously develop strategic emerging industries and accelerate the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries

the central economic work conference held a few days ago pointed out that at present, China's economic operation is still under downward pressure, the problem of overcapacity in some industries is serious, and the contradiction of structural employment is prominent. At the same time, the recovery of the world economy is slow, uncertainties still exist, and international market competition is becoming more intense. Therefore, China's economic development must take advantage of the trend and change its thinking

The meeting stressed that in the future, development should not be simplified into increasing GDP, but to achieve the speed of improving the quality and efficiency of economic development without causing sequelae. Vigorously adjust the industrial structure, focus on resolving overcapacity and implementing innovation driven development. We will unswervingly resolve overcapacity, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, and accelerate the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries

the adjustment of industrial structure is imminent

at present, China is in the middle stage of industrialization and the period of accelerated development, but the carrying capacity of resources and environment is close to the limit. According to the latest statistics, the electricity consumption of the whole country is about 5trillion kwh, of which the industrial consumption is close to 3.8 trillion kwh, and the scale of electricity consumption is huge. On average, a coal-fired power plant is built every 30 kilometers along the Yangtze River. Industrial energy consumption accounts for more than 70%, electricity consumption exceeds 73%, and the created industrial added value is less than 40% of the national GDP. Industrial structure adjustment is imminent

the fundamental reason why industry is large but not strong lies in the extensive development mode, and the industrial concentration and industrial level need to be improved. According to the data, at the end of 2012, the capacity utilization rates of steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, flat glass and ships in China were only 72%, 73.7%, 71.9%, 73.1% and 75% respectively, significantly lower than the international normal level. The profits of steel, modified wood flour 20.0~30.0 electrolytic aluminum, shipbuilding and other industries have fallen sharply, and enterprises generally have difficulties in operation

it is noteworthy that there are still a number of projects under construction and planned in the above industries with serious overcapacity, and overcapacity is on the rise. If measures are not taken in time to resolve it, it is bound to intensify the vicious competition in the market, resulting in the expansion of industry losses, the unemployment of enterprise employees, the increase of non-performing assets of banks, the aggravation of the bottleneck of energy resources, the deterioration of the ecological environment and other problems, which directly endanger the healthy development of the industry, and even affect the improvement of people's livelihood and the overall situation of social stability

during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the relative value of the growth rate of urban job creation and rural labor supply in China changed, with a year-on-year decrease of 6.5 percentage points. Judging from the growth rate, the supply and demand pattern of China's labor force is undergoing major changes, the demographic dividend is beginning to fade, and the unlimited supply conditions and comparative advantages of labor force for China's industrial development are disappearing

since the reform and opening up, after more than 30 years of rapid development, industrial land in China's coastal areas has been very tight. The development of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta is constrained by land resources. The central and western regions are affected by the national policy of ensuring cultivated land and basic farmland, and land resources have become increasingly scarce. The decline of population and land resources has virtually added new bottlenecks to industrial development

industrial structure adjustment is a long-term strategic task, which includes many aspects, including domestic and international economic environmental factors. Therefore, only by continuing to improve the policy environment conducive to industrial development, establishing a modern industrial system, adjusting the industrial structure, and accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading, can the relevant departments truly achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development

build a modern system to eliminate extensive development

from the government level, in the future, relevant departments must strengthen top-level design and overall planning, build a modern industrial system, create a good environment for industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and promote industrial power with the national will

building a modern industrial system is an inevitable requirement for adjusting the industrial structure and transforming the development mode. At present, China's industrial system still has the problem of three industries being uncoordinated, and the proportion of industries with high energy consumption, low efficiency and low technology content is too large, resulting in high development costs. Therefore, by building a modern industrial system, it will help to promote the more rational development of the three industries and the internal structure of the three industries, promote the integrated development of informatization and industrialization, promote the integrated development of traditional industries and emerging industries, strengthen their own technology, and eliminate the extensive development of industries

industrial structure optimization is the core of building a modern industrial system. In economically developed countries, the intuitive expression of the modern industrial system is that the modern service industry accounts for about 70% of GDP. For China, the modern industrial system should be an industrial system that optimizes the industrial structure, continuously improves the contribution of scientific and technological progress to economic development, and continuously enhances the core competitiveness of the industry. Therefore, transforming and upgrading the manufacturing industry, cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries, and accelerating the development of producer services are the essential requirements of China's current industrial development

focusing on the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the relevant departments take the technological transformation of enterprises as the strategic task of transformation and upgrading, and use the market forcing mechanism to strengthen the elimination of backward production capacity, energy conservation and emission reduction, mergers and acquisitions, quality brand construction and other efforts to promote the overall upgrading of the whole industrial chain. Aim at key areas and directions, take major technological breakthroughs as the support and major development needs as the guidance, promote the healthy development of strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing industries, and accelerate the formation of leading and pillar industries. Promote the integration of service industry and manufacturing industry, expand new service fields, cultivate new service formats, and accelerate the formation of a development pattern of mutual promotion and support

from the perspective of enterprises and industries, accelerating the construction of innovation capacity is an important part of adjusting the industrial structure. At the same time, innovation driven industrial development is also the fundamental requirement for China to realize the transformation from investment driven to innovation driven. Colored sandstone has great limitations

at present, China's industrial development is mainly driven by investment, and enterprises' independent innovation ability is not strong. To this end, we should continue to strengthen the research of core key technologies and common technologies, and strive to make breakthroughs in key areas related to long-term development. Give full play to the advantages of the domestic market, pay more attention to the main role of enterprises, strengthen product innovation, brand innovation, industrial organization innovation, business model innovation, speed up the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, promote innovation with application, and promote development with innovation. We should speed up the establishment of an innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market orientation and the combination of industry, University and research, promote the close integration of science and technology and economy, and give full play to the strategic supporting role of scientific and technological innovation

vigorously adjust the industrial structure, and the direction is to adhere to green, circular and low-carbon development. In this regard, the transformation and upgrading of the industrial field must adhere to the implementation of the industrial sustainable development strategy, take breaking the constraints of energy and resources and alleviating the pressure of the ecological environment as the starting point, and establish the concepts of ecological design and development, cleaner production process, efficient resource utilization and minimizing environmental impact, so as to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly industrial system

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Jin Bei, former director of the Institute of industrial economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

at this stage, in order to adjust the industrial structure, we must try our best to prevent the government from doing too much good. For example, excessive subsidies to attract investment, some investment projects have no conditions to create conditions. If we still follow the old ideas to adjust the industrial structure at this stage, even if we are lucky enough to solve a problem, it will inevitably produce a large number of new problems. The influence of the friction coefficient in the printing process the friction force in the gravure printing process mainly includes the friction of the equipment itself and the friction between the equipment and the printing materials and inks

Hu Chi, researcher of the research center of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council

to fundamentally establish a long-term mechanism to remove overcapacity, we must unswervingly deepen the system reform. It is also necessary to tie the bell. Improving the impact of the current GDP assessment on local governments and accelerating the transformation of government functions play a vital role in effectively resolving overcapacity. At the same time, on the issue of capacity structure adjustment, two aspects should be strengthened: one is to strengthen the coordination and interaction between various means of de capacity, and the other is to strengthen the local accountability in the adjustment of industrial structure

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