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Innovation has created the "national treasure". The development of a new spectrometer is in the ascendant

the ZTE incident has sounded an alarm for China. Only by mastering the key technology in their own hands can they win the initiative of survival. The key to economic development lies in innovation and in accelerating the breakthrough of core technology to create "national key", which is also applicable in the scientific instrument industry

innovation casts the "national treasure" and the development of new spectrometers is in the ascendant

China's economy continues. China is a populous country with rapid growth and the transformation of development mode, which makes the investment in scientific research, environmental monitoring, food safety, biopharmaceutical and other fields increase rapidly, and stimulates the market demand for analytical scientific instruments and equipment in China. With the gradual opening of the economic market and the increasing upgrading of industrial technology, the traditional analysis methods have been unable to meet the needs of all walks of life. Spectral technology is gradually favored by the market with its efficient, fast, accurate and other performance

as an indispensable and most widely used spectral instrument in the general analytical instrument family, it is widely used in biology, chemistry, colorimetry, environmental detection, component detection, medicine, chemical industry and other fields. With the continuous progress of domestic science and technology, the research and development of new instruments and equipment are being accelerated to meet the new needs of the market. Recently, what new types of spectrometers have emerged in the spectrum industry? Let's have a look:

China Aerospace Science and technology has won high praise from customers. The company has successfully independently developed a high-end refrigeration infrared thermal imager

recently, 25 Institutes of the second Academy of Aerospace Science and industry of China have successfully independently developed a new generation of refrigeration infrared thermal imager with small volume, high performance, high resolution and low power consumption. It is reported that this product has reached the domestic leading level. This high-end refrigerated infrared thermal imager adopts high-performance medium wave focal plane refrigerated infrared detector and highly integrated driving imaging circuit, which has excellent characteristics such as high sensitivity, high resolution, ultra long distance detection and so on. This high-performance photoelectric sensor product can be used in security monitoring, intelligent transportation, power security, forest fire prevention, resource remote sensing and other fields, and will produce significant economic and social benefits

American scientists have developed a mid infrared dual frequency comb laser spectrometer

natural gas leakage is a major problem in the energy industry. In addition to wasting natural gas, natural gas leakage also poses a serious threat to safety, public health and air quality. At present, NIMA Nader and colleagues have jointly developed a new laser chip that can be used to detect gas leakage. At the same time, Gregory Rieker and colleagues at the University of Colorado Boulder also developed an infrared spectroscopy system, which can detect a small amount of methane at a distance of kilometers

Peking University invented an ultra sensitive Hessian structured light ultra-high resolution microscope

the team of Chen Liangyi from the Institute of molecular medicine of Peking University and the team of Tan Shan from Huazhong University of science and technology invented an ultra sensitive structured light ultra-high resolution microscope -- Hessian sim. This achievement was recently published in Nature Biotechnology in full text. Ultra sensitive Hessen structured light microscope is the ultra-high resolution microscope with the longest imaging time and the highest temporal resolution at present, which is suitable for fluorescence imaging of various cells and different probes. It can be said that Hessen structured light microscope can be used in all scenes where point scanning confocal microscope is applied, so it has a wide application prospect

I developed the first engineering prototype of testing equipment at home and abroad

recently, I learned from the Institute of Optoelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that with the support of the national major scientific instrument and equipment development project, the Institute of Optoelectronics has developed the world's first engineering prototype of testing equipment for vacuum alloy smelting based on laser induced spectroscopy (LIBS) technology. It is reported that this technology has the advantages of no sample pretreatment, analysis time as short as tens of seconds, and simultaneous detection of multiple elements. It is an effective means to realize the production and detection of complex alloys. The research results show that the technology studied in this project can improve production efficiency, avoid waste events, improve product quality and batch consistency

the demand for this technology in food safety, biomedicine, environmental protection construction and other fields is increasing, and the market demand for spectrum is increasing day by day. On the other hand, the national policies and regulations on various physical and mechanical performance tests of plastic films, wires and cables, waterproof coiled materials, metal wires, cartons and other materials provide a strong guarantee for the market development of instruments. In this regard, scientific research institutions and enterprises have accelerated the pace of spectral technology research and development to further meet the requirements of the development of science and technology in the new era. In this context, the spectrum industry will usher in an unprecedented period of development opportunities

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