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Innovation creates a new market for valve enterprises

affected by the weakness of domestic and foreign markets, valve enterprises are affected by factors such as raw materials and labor costs, which are usually produced through additive manufacturing. At present, the situation of the valve industry is not optimistic. Affected by the weakness of domestic and foreign markets, and affected by factors such as raw materials and labor costs, the current situation of the valve industry is not optimistic. The export of products and market share have been expanding, and the graphene research of European countries has been taken into account in the whole industry. The export orders have decreased sharply, the production tasks are obviously insufficient, and the growth has remained high for many years, showing a downward trend. Some enterprises have gradually become important production bases and main product sales markets of the industry due to the recession of production and sales. There are many control valve factories in China, which are small-scale, lack of core competitiveness, and low concentration of enterprises, so it is difficult to have influence in the international market, which restricts the healthy development of the valve industry to a great extent

the most difficult period for the domestic valve industry since the 2008 financial crisis. Do not rule out the arrival of industry reshuffle. On the one hand, the external market continues to be weak, and on the other hand, the comparative advantage is weakened under the influence of the rise in comprehensive costs. Valve is a product with low profit margin, and the market competition is very fierce. At present, China's valve industry is a labor-intensive industry, and China's valve industry is still dominated by volume expansion. Although there are more and more valve products from China flowing in the international valve market, the voice of the international valve market is not in the hands of Chinese enterprises

many problems in the valve industry are mainly caused by the rapid expansion of the market after the reform and opening up, while the original state-owned valve enterprises have closed down and changed, and the original level of the machinery industry is not high, so township enterprises (private enterprises) have mushroomed rapidly, with a low starting point, very weak technical force, simple equipment, most products are imitation production, coupled with market chaos, especially low-pressure valves for water supply and drainage, The problem is serious

due to the increasingly fierce competition in the global valve market, many world-renowned valve manufacturers closed their factories in North America, Europe and Japan and moved to China, India, South Korea and central Europe to reduce the manufacturing cost of valves and increase sales profits. With the increase of China's efforts to develop and utilize oil and natural gas, China's valve market has increased significantly, which makes most valve manufacturers pay more attention to building factories in China. As a result, there has been an upsurge of foreign valve enterprises to build factories in China, and some enterprises even have multiple factories in China to shorten the transportation distance and delivery time

there is a big gap between China's valve industry and foreign enterprises in terms of industrial structure, industrial chain of valve industry and the degree of specialization of the industry. The reason for the low quality of domestic valve products is that the original state-owned valve enterprises have been shut down and transferred due to the rapid expansion of the market. According to the survey of the large market of air conditioning and refrigeration, although a number of township enterprises have developed rapidly, due to the low starting point of township enterprises, there is no obvious swing, impact and other phenomena, the technical force is very weak, the equipment is simple, and most of the products are produced by imitation, especially the low-pressure valves for water supply and drainage, but the above problems do not affect the broad prospects of China's valve industry in the future. This is mainly due to the support of national policies and the strong demand of the valve product market, especially the commencement of several century projects such as West to east gas transmission, West to East power transmission, South to North Water Diversion and so on, which require a large number of valve products

in the increasingly fierce valve market, only companies with core competitiveness can gain a foothold in the market, and innovation has become a powerful tool for enterprises to win the market

driven by the four forces of industrialization, urbanization, reform and globalization, the prospect of China's valve equipment manufacturing industry is still broad. In the future, the high-end, localization, modernization and digitization of the valve industry will be the main direction of the development of the valve industry in the future. Pursue continuous innovation and create a new market for valve enterprises

affected by the rapid economic development, policy incentives, low raw material and labor costs and other factors, the valve industry in developing countries such as China has developed rapidly in recent years, with the continuous expansion of product exports and market share, and has continuously replaced countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan, becoming an important production base and main product sales market of the industry, and innovation has also been moved to a new level

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