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The innovative achievements of Chinese enterprises attract the international petroleum industry

the innovative achievements of Chinese enterprises attract the international petroleum industry

June 23, 2014

[China paint information] the 21st World Petroleum conference closed in Moscow on June 19. More than 5000 delegates from more than 70 countries and regions held hundreds of seminars on the theme of "providing negative energy and strongly supporting the developing world". Participants agreed that stabilizing and ensuring the supply of the global energy market is of great significance to accelerating the recovery of the world economy. Delegates called on all countries to jointly address the challenges facing the global energy sector and promote the coordinated development of the global economy. At the meeting, the innovation achievements of Chinese oil and gas enterprises received extensive attention

according to the world energy statistics report 2014 released by BP during the conference, affected by the global economic downturn, the world energy demand increased by only 2.3% in 2013, lower than the average of 2.5% in the past 10 years. Ruhr, chief economist of BP, believes that the growth of energy consumption in the United States is mainly due to the industrial recovery after the international financial crisis in 2008, but the role of developing countries is still important. The growth of energy demand in the past 10 years has been driven by developing countries

although the proportion of oil consumption in the global primary energy structure has been declining for 14 consecutive years, falling to the lowest point since 1965, the report believes that oil is still the main energy in the world. According to statistics, oil accounts for 32.9% of global primary energy consumption, and its dominant position has not been shaken. However, YERGIN, chairman of the Cambridge Energy Research Association, reminded the industry at the meeting that the impact of the shale oil and gas revolution in the United States continued to ferment, and the international oil market was then changing from experiments and material characterization feedback to the model

during the meeting, OPEC (organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) secretary general Badri said that in order to ensure the security of global energy supply, member countries will actively evaluate energy reserves and supervise the energy market to ensure the balance between supply and demand. In case of emergency, OPEC will strive to compensate for the shortage of energy supply worldwide and try its best to ensure the global energy supply

at this conference, "Chinese elements" attracted much attention. Zhou Jiping, chairman of CNPC, successfully ran for re-election as vice chairman of the conference on behalf of the China National Committee of the World Petroleum Congress, showing the recognition of China by the international oil community. Exhibition hall 13 sponsored by the group company gathers international oil giants such as Exxon Mobil, total, shell and BP

petroleum technology is still the focus of this conference, and topics such as "the role of technological innovation in shaping the development of oil and gas industry" have attracted wide attention. The innovative achievements of Chinese enterprises in petroleum science and technology are remarkable. Taking China National Petroleum Corporation as an example, its advanced technologies such as tight oil and gas reservoir development, "two widths and one height" seismic exploration and acquisition have formed unique advantages and competitiveness in key areas. Wang Shengzi, the chief representative of the company's Russian office, told this newspaper that the company's secondary and tertiary oil recovery technology has been very mature, and new microbial technology has also come out of the laboratory to help oil field development and continuously improve oil recovery. This time, the company used the three-dimensional model to show the latest technology of oil field exploration and production, which attracted the attention of many government officials, oil company executives, energy experts and scholars

Huawei made an amazing debut with the world's first "agile" network solution focusing on business and user experience. Gao Wei, director of marketing and operation of Huawei's energy industry, told this newspaper that the oil field exploration and production business has a large amount of data, which is difficult to be processed quickly by traditional high-performance computers. Due to the large number of oilfield personnel and different access permissions, the existing manual static maintenance falls into passivity when employees travel or work in different places. More importantly, oil and gas companies store many state confidential information. The wide application of mobile office and wireless broadband brings convenience as well as security threats. "Agile" network provides five innovative functions, such as "business accompanying", "full safety assistance prevention" and "quality perception", which effectively overcome the above inconvenient problem of sample collection and placement. For example, through "business with you", the business and corresponding stored data of the travel employee user can also be dynamically loaded to the nearest server; However, potential threats or attacks that were previously difficult to find from a single point of view can now be "fully protected" by collecting and recording all kinds of security incidents

beltany, President of the World Petroleum Council, pointed out that the oil and gas industry provides reliable and sufficient energy for the development of human society. At present, the development is facing new challenges and opportunities. We must vigorously develop cutting-edge science and technology, invest a lot and allocate capital reasonably. Pressure testing machines, also known as electronic pressure testing machines, adhere to the development of green and safe Aqueous Silicon Pu courses. Only by carrying out international cooperation on a fair, stable and reasonable basis can the oil and gas industry achieve sustainable development

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