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Innovation and revolution, Xi'an paint industry seeks change during the downturn

innovation and revolution, Xi'an paint industry seeks change during the downturn

January 11, 2007

international crude oil prices have risen and fallen, but for Xi'an paint industry, paint prices seem to have no choice but to rise and fall, and the continuous rising prices from upstream manufacturers have made Xi'an dealers tired of coping, The desolate market and the momentum of finished decoration make the paint industry even worse. During the market downturn, the competition in Xi'an paint and coating industry is more intense, but the innovation and revolution of some well-known brands in marketing services have brought dawn to the whole industry

two 10% brings more suffering, freeing entrepreneurs from tedious routine work

according to the Convention, the annual "May Day" and "National Day" golden weeks are the golden seasons for the sales of building materials industry, and paint coatings are of course no exception, but the "may day" and "National Day" in 2006 are undoubtedly "Black Friday" for Xi'an paint merchants, and many well-known brand paint dealers are in short supply for several times, The two consecutive 10% purchase price increases have made many sales enterprises headache. Many distributors in secondary counties and cities want to change their faces due to the price increases. The brand heads have been running outside for several months in a row, doing the appeasement work of distributors

the more difficult pressure is still in the retail market. The impact of the national macro-control policy on the real estate industry in 2005 was shown in the real estate market in Xi'an in 2006. The depression and desolation of the market caused by the easy wear of the jaws of the samples held by the whole home decoration and building materials made the agents suffer from the "suffering" of the market. In the retail market, they delayed to move the "real" price rise, and could only reluctantly give up and lose their own profit space

the real pressure is far more than these. Since 2006, the trend of finished home decoration in Xi'an has become a foregone conclusion. Most decoration households have abandoned the original methods of carpentry on-site manufacturing doors, windows and storage cabinets, and began to choose to buy finished wooden doors and finished furniture, which is undoubtedly adding insult to injury to the already deserted paint retail market

sales of water-based wood paint rose

just when paint products are facing a crisis, water-based wood paint with high environmental protection performance has ushered in a favorable period of development. The relative stability of raw material prices and people's attention to indoor air quality have gradually led to the decline of the water-based wood paint market and an increase in sales. Dongyirisheng, Yezhifeng, Longfa, Yuanzhou and other well-known decoration enterprises have successively launched the environmental protection package of European pine board or Australian pine board + water-based wood paint. The Jiabaoli brand, which took the lead in launching water-based wood paint in Xi'an market, has also increased its sales recently and achieved good results

ordinary paints use some organic solvents as thinners, and the orders of extruder enterprises with strong pungent smell will be greatly recovered. Organic solvents are very harmful to the environment and human body. In contrast, water-based wood paint is a kind of paint with water as the solvent. Because the vast majority of water-based paint is water, it is not harmful to human body and the environment

consumers who buy water-based wood paint can be distinguished from the following aspects: first, from the appearance, water-based wood paint is generally marked with the words water-based or water-soluble, and the instructions for use will indicate that it can be diluted with clean water; 2、 Look at the color. According to the current water-based technology, water-based wood paint is generally produced by lotion technology or dispersion technology. The commonly used lotion is mostly acrylic, and the water-based colorless paint is generally milky white, translucent light milky white or light yellow, while the ordinary varnish is often transparent; 3、 Smell, the biggest difference between water-based wood paint and solvent based wood paint is in smell. The smell of water-based wood paint is very small, slightly aromatic, while solvent based wood paint has a strong pungent smell

one stop service reduces quality disputes

half a month ago, the two newly opened Dulux flagship stores of ICI, the leader of the global paint industry, attracted attention in the paint and coating industry in Xi'an. The flagship store has a wall paint area, color matching area, wood paint and auxiliary materials area, so customers can enjoy convenient and relaxed "one-stop service" in the store. Color experience is a very important theme of the flagship store, which allows customers to experience the highlights of color personally. As long as consumers first take photos of the room to be painted at home with a digital camera, and then input the photos into the computer. Because they do not understand the experimental method of the fatigue tester, the color matching software modifies the colors of the specified walls and indoor items, and a brand-new home effect picture will be presented in front of them. After the color is selected, it can be tinted on site. At the same time, businesses can also provide professional construction services according to the requirements of customers

this mode of sales and service integration will change the long-standing situation of semi-finished product sales in the paint and coating industry, and provide consumers with more scientific and more in place humanized services, so as to reduce the quality disputes caused by the separation of sales and service. Industry experts pointed out that in the era of product homogenization competition, only enterprises that work hard on services can win the terminal, survive for a long time, and have greater market space

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