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Innovative and excellent experience sharing - 2008 Santai intelligent communication e-rise industrial communication solution seminar was held in Shenzhen

China industrial control information innovation excellent experience sharing - 2008 Santai intelligent communication e-rise industrial communication solution seminar was held in Shenzhen

on May 15, 2008, Santai technology "intelligent communication e-rise industrial communication solution seminar" was held in Shenzhen shengtingyuan hotel

Mr. Chen Yuanming, general manager of Santai group's industrial communications division, Ms. Lin Leqi, business manager of Asia Pacific region, Mr. He Liang, business manager of South China region, Mr. Wu Guohui, associate manager, relevant principals of Shenzhen Branch and some media of the industry attended the seminar. The symposium attracted a wide range of industry participants and customers, and was highly recognized and praised by everyone

Mr. chenyuanming, general manager of Santai group's industrial communications division

Mr. chenyuanming, general manager of Santai group's industrial communications division, expressed sincere thanks to the participants in this event. At the same time, he introduced the development process and future development plan of Santai technology, elaborated on the industry-leading advantages of Santai products, and shared the application experience of its products, The future market layout and development trend of Santai are briefly introduced

then, Ms. Lin Leqi, the Asia Pacific Business Manager of Santai technology, gave a wonderful speech on "smart communication e-rise", "redundant architecture switch discussion", "equipment connection technology and application", "serial communication Daquan and signal converter" in today's dramatic changes and excessive information of Beijing lampblack purifier, which was warmly welcomed by everyone

Ms. Lin Leqi, business manager of Santai Asia Pacific region

at the same time, Associate Manager Wu Guohui of Santai published a wonderful explanation of "new thinking of ioscada MODBUS module", which attracted great attention

at the same time, it should be quietly placed on the base of the experimental machine. Mr. Wu Guohui of Santai technology is understood that since its establishment in 1986, Santai technology has always been committed to providing customers with innovative Ethernet solutions and constantly surpassing. Since the release of the latest rack type multi port industrial Ethernet switch (esw-5162/esw-5242), wireless serial port server (ids-xoxxw) and wireless solutions in the first year of 2008, Santai industrial communication solutions have become more complete, such as the unique SUNIX commander application, the powerful elite ring network redundancy automatic healing function Ahdc/cs automatic carrier identification and switching technology and rs-422/485 automatic identification and switching technology. Its excellent products can provide building access control wireless device server solutions, digital control system of parking lot signs, urban traffic signal control system, central traffic control system, POS system solutions, serial port to Ethernet mining automation solutions, medical instrument automation serial port integrated solutions, etc

in recent years, with the more and more extensive application and promotion of industrial Ethernet technology, Santai has continuously expanded its product application fields with its leading technology, and has been successfully applied in many key fields and large projects. One of the highlights of this seminar is experience sharing, so that everyone can have zero distance contact and experience the elite ring function. Santai speakers' unique speech charm and intelligent innovative technology feast bring you perfection. This article is from global plasticizing network pvc123 Enjoy, and also be impressed by Santai's technology and wisdom

the audience listened carefully

nowadays, Santai's product line involves industrial serial communication multi serial port cards, industrial converters, industrial modubus i/o modules, industrial Ethernet switches, etc. its product line is complete, and its products enjoy a high reputation around the world. It has the reputation of "serial interface expert" and is also known as the gold card in Europe. These are the best affirmation and recognition of Santai

the 2008 Olympic year in China is also a golden period for the vigorous renewal of China's infrastructure, which will certainly provide a broad space for the development of communication technology. In this golden may, Santai launched a technical seminar on industrial communication solutions across the country, aiming to bring Santai's innovative technologies and Solutions to customers, while also sharing Santai's many years of successful experience with the industry and customers, And close to customers and ensure that it can be used in other performances with high standard distribution technology, so as to promote the development of the industry and meet the arrival of the era of smart E. (Zhonghua industrial control xuwenchang/Wen)

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