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Innovation achievements have changed. Lu Hua, chairman of golden Oriental Lighting, has been forging ahead for 20 years.

Lu Hua,... Put the sample in the two fixtures of the experimental machine. He is the chairman of Wuhan golden Oriental intelligent Landscape Co., Ltd. and the founder of golden Oriental lighting. After nearly 20 years of unremitting efforts, golden Oriental Lighting has become the only listed enterprise in the eastern and central regions with double A-level lighting qualifications (national lighting engineering design special class A, urban and road lighting engineering professional contracting class I qualification), and has established long-term strategic cooperation with well-known universities and design institutes such as Huazhong University of science and technology, Shanghai new construction, CITIC design group, Central South Design Institute, etc. After years of trials and tribulations, the development of golden Oriental Lighting is inseparable from the efforts of its founder, Lu Hua

In 1984, Lu Hua graduated from the Hankou branch of the current Huazhong University of science and technology, and then entered the state-owned enterprise Wuhan radio No. 5 factory as a technician. The four years of working in the state-owned enterprise also laid the foundation for her development in the lighting industry

four years later, Lu Hua resolutely chose to go south to Guangdong to learn lighting technology and the working principle of public experimental machines. The single chip microcomputer drive chip L298N has a square wave signal with continuously adjustable output frequency and duty cycle, which acts on the management of DC electromechanical companies at both ends, and entered a Sino foreign joint venture as an engineer and quality director. This valuable work experience is also a turning point for Luhua to enter the lighting industry in an all-round way, and has deeply branded Luhua's future life. The work experience in Guangdong not only broadened Luhua's horizons, but also made him clearly see the huge demand of the lighting market. Especially with the rapid development of the domestic economy, the people's demand for lighting is increasing. Homesick Luhua decided to return to Wuhan and do his best to contribute to the development of the lighting industry in his hometown

in the early stage of entrepreneurship, the golden Oriental Lighting team only had Luhua and sister Wang Xiaoyan, and its business was also dominated by lamp sales. It experienced many difficulties, such as broken capital chain, lack of orders, lack of manpower and so on. With its unswerving faith and determination, it overcame the arduous start-up stage, achieved the sales benchmark of national dealers of agency brand lamps, and gradually opened the sales market

since then, golden Oriental Lighting began to gradually develop towards professional lighting engineering. With Luhua's high expertise in the lighting field, golden accelerated airflow and the heat exchange between the tested pieces, golden Oriental Lighting has won major projects such as Hankou river beach lighting project, Macao West Bay bridge lighting project, and golden Oriental Lighting has become famous at home and abroad

after more than ten years of development, JinDongFang has its own team, which can provide customers with the overall plan of urban intelligent lighting overall planning and operation. Its business covers from city to building, from road to landscape, from planning and design of external wall insulation system to construction and maintenance, from research and development to commercial application. At the same time, JinDongFang also attaches great importance to research and development and intellectual property protection. So far, it has developed more than 20 national patents and obtained the recognition of national high-tech enterprises

nowadays, golden Oriental has developed into a listed enterprise with a registered capital of 70million yuan, an operating income of more than 100 million yuan and a valuation of nearly 1 billion yuan, and has become a leading enterprise with strong industry influence in Central China. Driven by JinDongFang, the lighting industry in Hubei Province has also developed rapidly. After the establishment of Hubei Electric Lighting Association, Lu Hua was elected the first president with his contribution to the provincial electric lighting industry

in the future, Luhua will lead JinDongFang lighting to develop towards technological innovation and concept innovation, focus on the cause of smart lighting, strengthen research and development, deeply implement the professional and international development strategy, and strive to improve the well-being of urban residents

Author: Geng Yue

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