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Innovac launched a new device level Ethernet technology that can ensure reliable and real-time performance

Albuquerque, Mexico, USA, selects the required maximum load (i.e. range) base of the experimental machine according to the maximum load of the experimental material. On November 28, 2011, innovac semiconductor launched a new device level Ethernet technology prioritychannel, which can ensure that real-time industrial Ethernet information can be processed on time every time, Regardless of the size or type of other network traffic

today, factory automation systems are deployed through industrial Ethernet connections rather than traditional serial fieldbus. Although industrial Ethernet brings many advantages in network management, compatibility and flexibility, it is well known that Ethernet has inherent uncertainty. With the continuous growth of industrial Ethernet Applications, we can notice more and more clearly that the traditional solutions are difficult to deal with key information when the network traffic increases, resulting in unpredictable packet delay, long delay time, and even obvious deformation before reaching the maximum load Pb, and then burst connection failure

laboratory tests of several commercially available industrial Ethernet devices with a cycle time of 2 milliseconds (MS) under changing network traffic showed that most devices could not maintain the required cycle time with the increase of network traffic, and some devices lost their connections. Devices based on prioritychannel technology, regardless of the size or type of other network traffic, can maintain a good response within the required cycle time of 160 microseconds (s). Even in the case of continuous traffic burst or surge, prioritychannel can continue to respond to real-time information on time every time

prioritychannel is a technology combining silicon and software optimized for industrial Ethernet applications. At present, innovasic has begun to provide prioritychannel technology for ethernet/ip (real-time industrial Ethernet protocol) and PROFINET class B, which can reduce the weight, cost and complexity of vehicles. At the same time, the solutions provided also include plug-in modules, built-in network interfaces, fully customizable developer solutions, etc

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innovac semiconductor is committed to providing long-life semiconductor solutions, which can help customers extend the life cycle of products. The processor, communication controller and mixed signal device of innovasic semiconductor are the key components of industrial automation equipment, transportation system, instrumentation and medical equipment. The company's latest system on chip solutions allow customers to quickly integrate real-time industrial Ethernet into their product lines with the highest performance and lowest cost. With its outstanding performance in extending the service life of customers' products, innovasic semiconductor has been trusted and recognized by the world's leading electronic system manufacturers. For more information about innovasic semiconductors, please browse

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