There is no mandatory standard for the hottest wat

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There is no mandatory standard for waterproof coating, and building materials should be selected with caution

there is no mandatory standard for waterproof coating, and building materials should be selected with caution

December 17, 2003

once the waterproof coating containing pollutants is used, indoor environmental pollution will be caused for a long time In the decoration of kitchens and bathrooms, waterproofing is a necessary procedure. Among the 10 mandatory national standards, there is no limit standard for the harmful substances of waterproof coatings, so the management should be further strengthened in the home decoration. The indoor environment monitoring center of China Interior Decoration Association has also received continuous consultations from consumers. After decoration, some families found that the smell in the bathroom and kitchen was relatively strong. After inspection by the testing center, it was found that the pollution was mainly caused by waterproof paint, and this pollution was not easy to remove. Ms. Wang, who lives in Jiulong garden, had no choice but to remove all the decorated toilets and carry out waterproof treatment again. Experts remind people not to ignore another important link of indoor decoration pollution - waterproof coating pollution

poisoning in 8 minutes of waterproof construction

not long ago, a waterproof coating poisoning occurred at a hotel decoration site in Beijing, resulting in an event that we believe this cooperation can let users experience the vicious consequences of a tighter and smoother CAE simulation process. The poisoning was caused by the toxic gas released by the waterproof coating and diluent used by workers during the construction of on-site waterproof coating

according to the survivors, on the day of the incident, three construction workers began to paint waterproof paint at 8:20 in the morning. One of them found a gas mask to work under the pool. After working for about 8 minutes, three workers felt unwell one after another, and one fainted. During the rescue process, the other two fainted one after another. 20 minutes later, the first aid center sent the poisoned people to the hospital for rescue, and one of them died when he arrived at the hospital, The other two were rescued from danger. After poisoning, workers who had no previous history of liver disease showed an increase in transaminase, which is still not significantly improved. The cause of poisoning of construction workers is the toxic gas released by the raw materials used by the workers in the construction of on-site waterproof paint. The raw materials are polyurethane waterproof paint produced by a waterproof building materials company in Beijing that the workers bought in the market and put the required columns into the tank, as well as nitro diluent produced by a paint factory in Beijing

there is still a market for obsolete products

at present, in the decoration project, waterproof treatment should be carried out for the places where water environment often exists, such as kitchens and bathrooms. The indoor environmental monitoring center found that some polyurethane products containing tar are seriously polluted in the waterproof coating, which are generally made of coal tar or raw materials containing part of coal tar, The volatile tar gas has a pungent smell; Because the molecular weight of tar gas is relatively large, it is easy to deposit in the indoor environment with poor air circulation. Excessive inhalation of tar gas in a short time can lead to rapid poisoning and death; Another defect of this kind of waterproof coating is the use of organic solvents as diluents, most of which are toxic substances such as toluene, which is required by the second standard? Inhalation of tar gas and benzene in small doses for a long time can cause respiratory diseases, dizziness, nausea, and even cancer. At present, this kind of product has been designated as obsolete building decoration materials by relevant national departments

however, due to the nonstandard management of the decoration market, some inferior products still have their own living space. In particular, the "decoration guerrillas" only pay attention to short-term interests, most of the builders do not have basic health knowledge, and consumers do not have enough knowledge of waterproof knowledge, often introducing pollution into their homes without knowing it

environmental protection materials are strictly controlled

experts remind that some decoration companies and consumers mistakenly believe that the waterproof treatment area of indoor decoration is not very large. After treatment, it also accelerates the upgrading of plastic granulator technology. Cement and ceramic tiles are not easy to cause pollution. In fact, it is not, because the indoor waterproof layer generally has to reach a certain thickness before it can have the corresponding waterproof function, so the use of materials is relatively large. Once the waterproof coating containing pollutants is used in the waterproof construction, it will cause indoor environmental pollution for a long time

at present, to control the pollution of waterproof paint in indoor decoration, we mainly need to control the materials used, and we should choose non-toxic and environmental friendly waterproof paint as the first choice. At present, acrylate waterproof coatings and tar free polyurethane waterproof materials on the market are proved to be non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly products. Indoor floors treated with this kind of waterproof coatings can meet the requirements of indoor environmental protection. Consumers should select materials from reputable markets and choose qualified home decoration enterprises for construction

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