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Research Report on the Internet home market in the first half of 2018

Research Report on the Internet home market in the first half of 2018

October 11, 2018

according to relevant data, the scale of China's home building materials market has reached 4.27 trillion in 2017. Internet has laid a solid foundation for further research, breaking the limitations of information asymmetry in the traditional home decoration industry. Consumers can browse information on the Internet, identify the advantages and disadvantages of materials, and select decoration schemes, which greatly reduces transaction costs and time costs

at present, the Internet home decoration industry is mainly divided into platform type, integrated e-commerce type, vertical type and traditional home decoration transformation. The development of Internet and the consumption upgrading of users have played a role in reshaping and rebuilding the home decoration industry. Consumers' attention has also shifted from the previous cost performance and product functions to aesthetic design and personalized features

analysts analyzed and discussed the development trend of the domestic home furnishing industry by collecting and sorting out relevant data of the Internet home furnishing industry in the first half of 2018 and cooperating with user research

household construction press the power on button (the power instigates the light on) and the market of materials and residential decoration has increased steadily

in 2016, under the environment of real estate destocking, the quantities of new house decoration and old house renovation and decoration continued to show an increasing trend. Such environmental protection materials as household are mainly composed of plant cellulose nanocrystals. The market scale of the decoration industry has increased steadily, of which the market scale of household building materials has reached 4.23 trillion, The scale of the residential decoration market is 178million yuan. However, many home building materials enterprises are single product operations, focusing on the development of a certain field

by 2017, while destocking, the state has vigorously promoted both renting and purchasing, and various provinces and cities have successively introduced measures to promote the informatization and intellectualization of the construction industry. A good macro environment has provided a foundation for the redevelopment of the home decoration market. Among them, the market scale of furniture and building materials is 427 million yuan, and the market scale of residential decoration is 187 million yuan. However, although the industrial scale reached a new high, the growth rate slowed down

the development history of the Internet home furnishing industry

the early decoration industry was mainly road guerrillas, which only provided the cleaning mode of construction, and the quality and effect were difficult to be effectively guaranteed. After the abolition of welfare housing distribution in 1998, the hot real estate market led to the development of the home decoration industry. Around 2000, professional decoration companies gradually occupied the dominant position, but the resource integration was still very loose

with the improvement of Internet penetration, the purchase of home building materials began to rise. In 2005, Qijia was established in Shanghai, which was an early enterprise involved in the Internet home decoration platform. Then, under the concept of "Internet +", the insurance companies that the traditional home furnishing and home decoration enterprises participated in the pilot include PICC P & C, Ping An P & C and Pacific Property Insurance, and their industries have been transformed one after another, and many non professional capital have crossed into the market, and the Internet home decoration industry is booming

now the Internet home decoration industry has expanded to local o2o services and financial services. The whole process of resource integration, providing one-stop services, personalization and differentiation have become the new trend of the industry

financing of some Internet home decoration platforms

in September 2018, Zhuang Xiaomi completed a round of B1 financing of hundreds of millions of yuan jointly invested by xvc and Hongdao capital. Founded in 2015, Zhuang Xiaomi is a decoration service company focusing on housekeeper home decoration supervision. Unlike traditional supervisors, who are only responsible for the acceptance of project quality, Zhuang Xiaomi also assists in screening construction parties, reviewing drawing budgets, tracking project progress, etc, Effectively control the cost of time and money for the owner

the Internet home decoration design platform kujiaxi completed the round D financing of $100million led by Shun Wei capital in March 2018, and the current valuation has reached $600million. The platform is committed to the research and development of cloud rendering, cloud design, BIM, VR, AR, AI and other technologies, and strives to achieve a new "what you see is what you get" panoramic VR design and decoration mode. Users can search, draw, transform and drag models for interior design through computers, so as to quickly render and predict the decoration effect. At present, the platform has 3million interior designers and 10million registered users

service price is no longer the primary consideration of users

according to the user survey results, decoration quality is still the first choice for users to consider decoration companies. After all, only those with good quality can rest assured. However, for the 80 and 90 young generation, the attention of service price has decreased, and the consumption concept has changed from the former cost performance to spatial planning and aesthetics. Young people are more concerned about the personalized design style of houses

analysts believe that the Internet home decoration industry has achieved rapid growth in recent years, providing users with many conveniences, but pain points are still frequent. The consumption ability and demand of users are significantly differentiated, resulting in the relative dispersion of the home decoration industry. In addition, most home decoration enterprises only take the Internet as a marketing approach without fundamentally changing the user's consumption experience, and the degree of market standardization and industrialization is difficult to establish for a time. At present, consumers also pay more and more attention to experience. In the future, sound product functions, high-quality resource integration and efficient and quality-guaranteed service chain will become the key to the development of the Internet home industry

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