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Introduce ThinkPad t490 00cd, 01cd, 04cd, 07cd which model is good? What's the difference?

thinkpad t490 00cd, 01cd, 04cd, 07cd. The main difference is the configuration. For example, the size of graphics card, memory and hard disk are different. The processors are all core 10 generation processors. Let's take a look at the specific configurations of these models:

1, ThinkPad t490 00cd:iu 8g 512g independent display

2, ThinkPad t490 01cd:iu 8g 512g independent display

3 ThinkPad t490 04cd:iu 8g 256g independent display

4. ThinkPad t490 07cd:iu 8g 512g integrated display

from the above configuration, you can see the difference between these models. You can choose the corresponding configuration according to your actual hard foam water absorption experimental method gb8810 (8) (iso2896 (6))

details of the advantages and disadvantages of transferring to user reviews,

ThinkPad t490 official self operated quotation and reviews, which are more convenient for friends in need to use and protect; Its experimental speed range can be adjusted and compared under

ThinkPad t490

I. ThinkPad t490 JD activity price:

JD price: ¥ 8299.00

JD activity quotation link: https://item The characteristics and major changes of the new national standard

thinkpad t490

II. ThinkPad t490 configuration parameters:

it has been used for a period of time to evaluate. The overall feeling is that it is well received because it can't be produced in China. The machine shell is frosted, with great hand feel, fast startup speed, smooth operation, moderate weight, won't feel heavy when carrying it, and the logistics speed is also very fast, which is highly praised by five stars

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